A smart soccer ball that provides

real-time coaching cues, statistics on touches, passes, kicks, speed, distance & more.

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"Your Personal Coach Outside of Team Practices"

InsideCoach is an award winning motion detection and analysis technology developed in collaboration with coaches and soccer players around the world.

InsideCoach technology provides real time coaching feedback through a mobile App compatible with iOS and Android.

The ball feels, weights and plays the same as a premium soccer ball while it is able to seamlessly capture and analyze the ball motion. It provides real-time coaching cues, statistics, challenges and encouragements tailored to improve player engagement, agility and overall performance.

InsideCoach is a perfect training tool for coaches and any soccer/football player at any age or level.


Weighs, Bounces and Rolls Like An Official Ball. 

Packed With Cutting Edge Features!


Receive real time coaching cues through a wireless headset as you play.
(Headset not included)


How far can you kick? Know the distance of each kick and try to beat your, or your friend's best score


Detects the force of your Kick so you can learn to control its force and get the ball precisely where you want it


Captures and reports your passes so you can see your progress and ball control


Detects the spin of the ball so you can improve your kicking angles

Award Winning Technology

InsideCoach technology has been developed  in a close collaboration environment between engineers, coaches and  players.  It is subject of several research programs around the world.



Qi Wireless Recharge Base

Sleek Lightweight Design

Connect via WIFI

- App compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • Size 5 smart soccer ball packed with sensors

  • PU material with multi-layer backing for shape retention

  • Latex bladder

  • Indoor/Outdoor weather resistance

  • Laminated

  • Battery life up to 2 hours of play time

  • One Qi wireless base charger to recharge your ball

  • One USB cable

  • Free App download - Android and iOS Compatible


"We’ve already seen a smart basketball that tracks key metrics to improve certain aspects of your game, making it a very useful training tool. Which is why, we’ve long been expecting to see a similar approach for other sports. Soccer fans can stop waiting now with the introduction of InsideCoach"

"The ball itself looks like any regular soccer ball, with molded polyurethane construction, a multi-layer backing to retain shape over time, and a latex bladder inside. It comes in two sizes: one for kids under 12 and one that’s regulation-sized."

"During three years of development the company consulted parents, coaches, clubs and players and found that to keep children playing they needed to make practice more like the video games they play indoors."

"The InsideCoach smart ball is exactly what it says on the tin – a coach inside a soccer ball. Besides offering real-time coaching cues, its myriad of talents include the ability to detect the ball’s spin and position, the power of a shot or pass, and the trajectory of the ball as it flies through the air, sending all the data via Wi-Fi to the accompanying cross-platform mobileapp."